Air Conditioning Installation

If you are considering a new A/C install in the near future, you’ll find Thompson Mechanical to be one of the most reliable air conditioning installation contractors in the area. Our installers are trained to skillfully install all air conditioner types, brands, and models. This ensures that, regardless of your specific A/C system need or preference, you’ll get the top-notch professional air conditioning installation that you depend on for proper A/C system performance.

Correct A/C Installation Ensures Proper System Performance

If your system is to operate according to its listed specifications — giving you trouble-free, energy efficient performance — it must be correctly sized and installed. All system components must be properly connected, everything must be up to code, and the system must be thoroughly inspected and tested after installation to make certain it is fully operational and working as designed. Correct A/C installation is also required to prevent the voiding of your system’s warranty.

Your new A/C system is a significant investment in your comfort as well as in the value of your home, and its warranty is designed to protect that investment. For this and all the other reasons mentioned above, it’s important to be sure you choose a reputable A/C installation specialist like Thompson Mechanical to handle your next A/C install.

A More Personalized Approach to Your A/C Install

Because we are a family-owned service business, we view your family’s indoor comfort needs in much the same way we would our own family’s needs. This gives us a more personal perspective on customer service that many other HVAC companies lack. As part of our family-oriented view of service, we also offer flat-rate pricing and free second opinions on competitors’ quotes and services. This is just one more way we put the customer first.

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