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Basic firearms safety and concealed carry training 

  • "I took the SD Enhanced Concealed Carry Class. My friend and I were the only females in the class. Questions were answered and extra time was spent with us 'beginners' so that we felt confident handling a pistol. Safety was covered in handling so no one got hurt! I would highly recommend this class. More women need to sign up for this class! Thanks Otis and classmates for making the class so much fun!!" 
    Karen M.
  • "I am so glad I took the concealed carry class. I learned alot with all the questions that were asked and talking about the different scenarios and what should be done. Going to the range and shooting with everyone was a great experience. Everyone should take the opportunity to take a class and learn to shoot. Thank you!!"
    Angela J.
  • "Otis was informative and answered all questions asked. He also spent extra time with my wife and other less experienced shooters, but also had the knowledge to improve the experienced shooters techniques and knowledge. I was originally just going for support for my wife, but quickly realized I was learning, and enjoying this class. Very good instructor, and his wife was very helpful as well. I would recommend this class, and any class Otis teaches."
    Tony M.
  • "My husband and I just took the enhanced concealed carry course, and we couldn't be more impressed! Lake City Tactical was so professional, yet personable. We look forward to taking more courses with them."
    Kathy T.

The Path to Proficiency

Step 1:

Learn the fundamentals of safe gun handling and marksmanship in one of our level one courses.

Step 2:

Learn to employ the fundamentals in a dynamic environment. In our level two immersion course, you will also learn how to integrate your handgun into your daily life. 

Step 3:

Employ proven drills at home and on the range to hone your new skills. Live your life with a plan and a steady hand!

Why Train with Us?

We understand that you want to take control of your own safety and that of your loved ones. We also understand that you may not have the desire or the ability to become a muscle-bound cage fighter for any number of reasons. In these uncertain times, we are here to provide you with the most direct path to effective self defense.
When you train with Lake City Tactical, you’ll not only receive a strong foundation of fundamentals, but also a clear path to proficiency.
When trouble finds you you’ll face it with the confidence of a person who has a plan and a steady hand.

“The lives of your loved ones are priceless. The tools and training you need to protect them is at your fingertips.”

 – Otis BogueLake City Tactical

Training Select your course below

SD Enhanced Concealed Carry $97

This course meets all the requirements for South Dakota Enhanced Pistol Permit certification.

Ladies-Only Courses Available

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Defensive Handgun Course $197

Defensive handgun skill-builder, dynamic handgun operation from concealment, and malfunction clearances

Ladies-Only Courses Available

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Force on Force Gunfighting $197

Force-on-force gunfighting with dynamic movement. Use of cover and concealment.

Ladies-Only Courses Available

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