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Your Source for High Quality HVAC Services

The goal of our HVAC contractors is to make your home or business as comfortable as possible while also ensuring that your heating, ventilation, and cooling system performs at maximum efficiency. As your local HVAC service provider, Thompson Mechanical can offer you a full range of products and services to keep your HVAC unit functioning properly in every season. Our HVAC techs have the knowledge and experience necessary to repair, install, and maintain the HVAC equipment of today.

HVAC Repair

A lot of heating and AC contractors sell HVAC equipment, but far fewer provide full HVAC repair and installation services for that equipment. Thompson Mechanical is your one-stop HVAC shop in that regard — we offer everything from new HVAC units to repair services. Our HVAC repair service technicians are available to you 24/7, and their repair work comes with a 30-day 100-percent quality and satisfaction guarantee. All of our technicians are NATE-certified, which is the gold standard for certification in the HVAC maintenance industry. No matter what brand of HVAC equipment your home has, our techs can diagnose and fix the problem.

HVAC Maintenance

Thompson Mechanical also offers preventive maintenance packages for HVAC systems big and small. The goal of our HVAC maintenance program is to find and fix small issues before they become costly major problems. Routine maintenance will also extend the life of your system and help keep your electricity bills reasonable.

Our HVAC maintenance includes regular cleaning of the system, filter checks and changes, evaporator coil inspection, and much more. Our technicians will look over every part of your HVAC system — your air handler, furnace or heat pump, duct system, and AC condenser—to ensure that everything is clean, functional, and efficient. In the event that your HVAC system fails in the heat of summer or chill of winter, you will receive priority service once you enroll in our maintenance agreement program.

HVAC Installation

Modern HVAC equipment has many electrical components and moving parts, which means the people who install it need to be up for the challenge. When you’re ready to upgrade your HVAC unit, you can count on Thompson Mechanical to offer you a wide variety of products and complete installation. Our HVAC contractors will help you choose the right unit based on the size and needs of your home or business.

What will make the biggest difference in your family’s comfort, however, is not so much the brand, but the quality of the HVAC installation. Thompson Mechanical’s installation technicians have successfully installed HVAC units in everything from single-family homes, to townhouses, to commercial buildings.

As HVAC Specialists, we have met rigorous standards of superior customer service, training of our service technicians and providing excellence in service and repairs. You can feel confident in contacting Thompson Mechanical for any of your heating and cooling needs.