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Air Conditioning Service from Repair to Installation

Everyone looks forward to the vacations and the sunshine that summer brings, but not many of us love the blistering heat and suffocating humidity of the later summer months. Nothing will make you more grateful for your air conditioning unit than a summer day with close to triple-digit temperatures and high humidity levels. Your A/C system lets you still enjoy those hot days from inside your cool, comfortable home, assuming you’ve kept it in good condition. Don’t wait until the temperature soars above 90 to take care of your A/C unit — take advantage of Thompson Mechanical’s services today!

Air Conditioning Repair

The answer to most breakdowns is a simple repair. If your unit is less than 10-15 years old, the more affordable option is typically to repair whatever might be wrong. Faulty wiring or electronics, frozen coils, and low refrigerant are a few of the most common problems that our service technicians repair.

Our NATE-certified team can quickly diagnose what’s wrong with your A/C unit and repair the problem to keep you comfortable. It may be time to give us a call if your A/C doesn’t feel cool, the unit gets noisy, or you smell unusual odors when the A/C clicks on.

A/C Service and Preventive Maintenance

Don’t wait until it’s 100 degrees with 90 percent humidity out to have your A/C unit maintained. Annual A/C check-ups can help your air conditioner run efficiently during the hot months and spot minor problems before they turn into expensive (and very sweaty) breakdowns. The secret is to have our techs out to service your A/C before the summer begins. Customers who join Thompson Mechanical’s maintenance plan get priority in service scheduling and can also receive valuable discounts on parts if needed.

A/C Installation

How do you know when it’s time to replace your old A/C unit? Typically, if it is over 12 years old or more, it may be time to upgrade if you’re facing an expensive repair. There’s a good chance your older unit is no longer efficient; especially when compared to the high-efficiency models we have today.

You should also consider factors like how comfortable your home is and how high your energy bills are during warmer months. Our technicians can take a look at your current unit and make recommendations on replacement systems if necessary. All of our installation technicians are certified and experienced in installations and can get your new unit up and running quickly and efficiently.