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Preventative Maintenance Plans for Your Heating and Air Conditioning System

In the wider world of HVAC system ownership, preventative maintenance too often doesn’t get as much attention as it should. As busy as 21st-century life can be, many homeowners simply don’t seem to have the time to think about becoming proactive at keeping their systems in optimal operating condition. What they don’t realize is that taking a few moments now to schedule regular heating or AC maintenance can save them hours of trouble and multiple headaches down the road when their neglected systems simply refuse to continue delivering the trouble-free operation they were designed to provide. By following some basic heater and air conditioner maintenance practices like changing your air filters regularly and scheduling semi-annual maintenance checks, you can keep your HVAC system humming along contentedly for years to come.

The Price of Neglecting Regular Heating & AC Maintenance

Whereas regular routine maintenance service on your HVAC system helps keep the system’s components operating optimally and catches many issues before they arise, neglecting HVAC maintenance can cause serious long-term harm to the system you depend on to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. That’s why a little vigilance now will be well worth the minor inconvenience of remaining mindful of your system’s condition and ensuring that you’re doing everything you can to keep that system performing at its best.

Here’s a look at the many benefits you’ll enjoy through regular heater and air conditioner maintenance:

  • Longer system life
  • More energy-efficient operation
  • Fewer emergency service calls
  • Less-frequent breakdowns
  • Lower repair costs
  • More consistent indoor comfort
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Higher level of system safety
  • Minimal system downtime
  • Greater peace of mind

Thompson Mechanical’s Convenient Preventative Maintenance Plans

Our preventative maintenance plans make it much easier and more convenient to keep your system’s critical maintenance service up to date. Our plans provide for semi-annual tune-ups and maintenance inspections in spring and fall to prepare your HVAC system for the heavy demands that will be made on it during summer and winter.

To make life easier for you, we send you a reminder twice each year to schedule your maintenance service. That way, you’ll never have to take the chance of forgetting to schedule the critical tune-ups that are your system’s lifeline to optimal performance and breakdown prevention. Contact Thompson Mechanical today to find out the benefits we offer our most conscientious customers as part of our Preventative Maintenance Plans. We look forward to helping you keep your HVAC system running at peak performance throughout the year.